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The relation of English Language and business progress

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chatting' started by eliyaregister, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. eliyaregister

    eliyaregister Regular Member

    Mar 1, 2017
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    The relation of English Language and business progress ( for non-English business sites)

    Nowadays due to globalization, English language is effective in all fields and aspects of life and business. For instance English language can increase the number of customers and clients of an institute or company by adding to the number of visitors of a business sites. Not only because it is an International language, but also because it directly affects SEO of a site.

    The reason is that to improve SEO, a site must be introduced in different directories, many of which don't let a site which is not in English be introduced. Therefore an English site is more introduced and known and is rated with better SEO, resulting in more visitors which are potential customers and subsequently improving a business. (English indirect effect on a business progress)

    In other ways if the items or services of a site includes selling to foreign language countries English language helps marketing internationally (English direct effect on business improvement).

    One question remains and that is ;" Is it possible to have a two language site without programming ?"
    To answer you can visit our sites at : http://eliya.ir and http://eliyaco.org

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