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How Brand Mentions Effect SEO Ranking

Discussion in 'Link Building' started by Rajan Vishwakarma, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. Rajan Vishwakarma

    Rajan Vishwakarma New Member

    Apr 16, 2018
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    Before focusing deep down on the basics of Brand Mentions and its impact on SEO Ranking, it is very essential for us to reflect very few basics of SEO.

    Importance of SEO plays a great role in ranking of your websites ahead of your competitors and while doing so it is essential to understand two major aspects or elements

    1. Backlinks

    2. Brand Mentions or Citations


    Backlinks simply defined as the links that guide the user (from particular group) to your website. Hence, it increase visibility as well as popularity among the target audiences and customers.

    Brand Mentions

    Brand Mentions is just referring brand name in various manner. There are companies and organizations having same name, therefore making difficult to identify particular or the preferred one. Here, Brand Mentions come into play. It contains particular link, address and other essential credentials those related to particular website.

    Role of Brand Mentions or Citations

    Therefore, by implementing the citations in a proper way, will serve best possible outcome in ranking of company website among others. Google, being a search engine giant, also uses citations in order to understand the popularity of particular brand. Here comes SEO, where proper Brand Mentions will help to achieve higher ranking in Google’s result page i.e. SERP.

    Its impact on SEO Ranking

    Brand mention is just an implied link and it gets huge importance in SEO ranking prospect due to recent update in Google Panda algorithm. Hence, by implementing proper citations, Google identifies your brand as a worthy follower among the audiences or customers.

    Thus, when user searches for your brand or any services related to your brand, these implied links or citations will come into play. Thus, proper Brand Mention surely help your brand to become more visible to target audiences thus increasing SEO ranking among the result page. Therefore, it gives you a boost to stay ahead in competition among others.

    Thus, Brand Mention becomes the future of backlink strategy. Mentioning the brand thus helps you in providing more backlinks. For example, while posting some quality content and mention the brand name, if a website of high authority having huge traffic backlinks to you then it serves best impact on your ranking.

    Thus from the above discussion it is clear about that only backlink is not enough to rank high in SEO ranking, rather the link quality prefers most. Google therefore used to consider this metric in order to rank websites. Previously, in SEO, in order to ranking higher, marketers used to incorporate directory submissions, blog commenting, article submissions etc. which now a days become outdated. Google therefore tries to focus more on brand, thus making “Brand Mention” or Citation more important while ranking the websites.

    Thus, while concluding this topic, it is therefore essential to maintain best possible SEO practices in order to make a good position in SERP. However, for long term in order to stay ahead or to maintain the position, it is essential to maintain strong brand recognition and the process of Brand Mention will surely help to achieve the same.
  2. Jesicajohan

    Jesicajohan Regular Member

    Oct 4, 2017
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    Yes, Excellent Explanation, I completely agree with you.

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