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Selling Country: the mysterious Temple of the beast.

Discussion in 'Websites for Sale' started by ngatnguyenatl, May 14, 2018.

  1. ngatnguyenatl

    ngatnguyenatl New Member

    Nov 7, 2017
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    The old star self tinged with many exotic colors named Wat Yim Funera, meaning "Temple of the interred" with beast, weird forest along the siem reap to phnom penh tour humiliation of the teacher has students living President.

    I know Wat Yim Funera from a Vietnamese-Khmer, French mailing out according to Vietnamese is Wisdom, when monks and the other monks from several monasteries in Cambodian territory, to visit the Golden Temple of the silver pagoda in the Royal Palace.

    See picture of customers wearing flag flag, the Wisdom Mind actively asking and said about her that "my mother, father, tu from small".

    From the coast to meet him, know I like to learn the ancient order ill-gotten strange colors, the Wisdom of mind introducing Wat Yim Funera with revelations that he had temples, thousands of years old, the force footprint ever saved the United Kingdom native , and retained many features of the Khmer Buddhist legends was the exotic bird icons!

    People took me to Wat Yim Funera you Son, Buddhist temple Wat Phnom and relatives of the Wisdom Center. Information from the Angkor Wat travel package Cambodian tourism industry said, Wat Phnom, built in the year 1373 artificially high on a hill near the 30 m, by a wealthy widow named Penh broadcast Center.

    Legend has it that, during a flood, when the water withdrew, she rescued a floating tree Penh River, hidden in the trees 4 purse-Buddha and she has the heart for up the Hill built the temple worship Buddha statue, she and thousands of Golden Buddha treasure , silver and claw beast be Buddhists surges through worship.

    Grandma Penh pagoda is also known for the giant stupa contains the ashes of Emperor Ponhea Yat (1421-1462), who had the decision to move the capital of the Khmer Empire from Ăngkor (Siem Reap) in Phnom Penh over 300 km.

    Not only with thousands of unique dishes, decorative porcelain fragments on the wall, ancient temple in Soc also kept 2 bed worth tens of billion in Lieu of a death.

    "With tourists, Wat Phnom Temple is typically strange and sacred but in the minds of many indigenous people, the ancient temple, shifang low like Wat is new ghost legend Funera Yim. But in the outskirts of Phnom Penh, the Temple so much. Here comes the white pagoda, the Lynx, the pagoda crocodiles, pagoda bird ... Each has a private demeanor, have private Dæmon but generally all u old President, that those who love u pagoda or ghost are like, "ITA said.

    New age 40 but looks beyond lipstick you austere, thin as people age 60 to approximately guộc. Son, started 5-6 years then from the jungle, the Cupola Pốt spills on Phnom Penh campaigning to put capital back to the stone age with the killing. In millions of Cambodians were army butcher of Cupola Pốt completely immersed in hot blood are grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters of England a total of more than 30 people. Son tells that tears down new Lü Bu.

    From Wat Phnom, after about 20 minutes the car rolled toward the fields of General genocide Ek are world known Killing Field (death God), Son to stop the car in front the temple Wat Yim Funera. The main door leads to the majestic Pagoda with two children sitting around sleeping Professor Meng is a wall covered with patterned frieze are very strange, especially the relief mural scene the soldiers with knife ideal teacher pool most of the Bach Double behind the statue (white whale) on Peng elephants have the magnates stayed below the 7.

    Fortunately, here I met a Vietnamese woman Best Adventure Tours in Siem Reap named Josephus pagoda Buddhist ceremony visited Taiwan and is sister to tell many stories of the mystery of the temple called the "buried" with this: "there are many ways of explaining the name" burial "of the temple. The traditional family by helping Buddhists when the property without paying any money so she called pagoda. But there are also people who say that, at the entrance to the West Gate of the temple roof table "funeral services" should die the name pagoda ".

    Also the name "Temple of the beast" exactly originate from? In the temple there are many pet bird figurines are up from your hands of artisans around the region and the austerities monks in the temple. Heard the old days the temple is also known as the Royal pagoda because each is a stop of the Highness. Reliefs have scenes Bach says most of the troops up there.

    Crossin' have strong engineer sitting there, his idol, to whom the birds used wings hand lift the Clew to the snake goddess Naga-mascot in the consciousness of the Khmer Buddhists, we immediately stepped into a world tinged with spiritual escape colors continue.

    This was at 8 h, bright yellow sun shining through the leaves on the lawyers wore soi tu red as flame for mobility, and out of hiding to escape through the tombs of cherished Tower the monks every austerities and the President here looks quite mysterious. The old star campus itself is wider than 1 ha has more than hundred pointed Spire stupas Majesty. She said after the Loan Officer President, Cambodia holiday tour the professor's body was cremated and the ashes are stored in the stupa through the thousand years of indestructible.

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