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Advertorials a good new SEO tool

Discussion in 'Link Building' started by eliyaregister, May 8, 2017.

  1. eliyaregister

    eliyaregister Regular Member

    Mar 1, 2017
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    What is advertorial ?
    Large advertisement deliberately styled
    to look like the editorial (non
    advertisement) matter of a newspaper or
    magazine in which it appears. Its
    television equivalent is 'infomercial.'
    An advertorial
    is a term that combines the
    words “editorial” and “advertisement”, an
    advertorial refers to a type of print
    advertisement designed to resemble editorial
    An advertorial
    is written in the form of an
    objective opinion editorial and may resemble a
    news story about a product or service. Like any
    other form of advertising, an advertorial is a
    paid placement in a magazine, newspaper, or
    other printed publication, but is a less obvious
    form of advertisement than traditional ads.
    frequently feature information
    about a new product or technological
    advancements in existing services.
    An advertorial is written similarly to a
    and often contains statistics on
    scientific research, consumer trends, or other
    authoritative pieces of information. Though it
    may appear to be an objective opinion, an
    advertorial is actually paid advertising. There
    may or may not be a disclaimer printed with
    the advertorial that tells readers it is
    is a concept that was popularized by
    Mobile Oil’s revised marketing strategies in the
    early 1970s, advertorials have proven to be an
    effective means of marketing a company or
    Much like product placement, an advertorial is a
    obvious form of advertising that can subtly
    grab the attention of consumer audiences since
    they believe they are learning useful information
    that can guide them to a consumer decision
    rather than being blatantly sold a product or
    Though an advertorial appears objective, there is
    no trace of negativity because it is paid
    advertising, making it non
    objective in reality.
    Eliya SEO team
  2. Jesicajohan

    Jesicajohan Regular Member

    Oct 4, 2017
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    Ok, Got It, Thanks for sharing the informative information.

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