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    We decided to create a off-topic forums for members who will like to talk about news, issues, things happening around the world and life in general. Feel free to ask off-topic questions and thinks on your mind you will like to share with the community. Sharing something often feels good, at least for me it does :) I feel a sense of relief.

    • No selling or promoting of products (Use our marketplace!)
    • No self-advertising, this includes: personal links, affiliate links etc..
    • Please try to nice to each other. After all, we are all here to learn from each other
    As always, we will not tolerate any spamming, cheating, stealing or lying. So please stay away from doing any of these acts, if you like to stay as an active member of the community. Failure to follow these guidelines will led to forum restrictions and ultimately a permanent suspension from our community.
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