Now you can see your Google Calendar events in Google Maps

September 30, 2016

Google Calendar helps you save time and make the most of every day. With your Google Calendar events on the map, now you’ve got one more way to personalize and make the most of your Google Maps experience. Try these other features to surface your important information where it matters most and make Google Maps your own. 

Save home and work addresses

A lot of trips start or end from home and work, so save your home and work addresses to get directions in seconds. You can also add a little flair to your map by using your favorite sticker to mark home and work on the map. Search for “Home” in Google Maps or open “Your Places” to get started.

Label frequently visited places or upcoming destinations

Want to be able to simply say “OK Google, navigate to daycare?” You can. Just open Google Maps, search for the address you want to label, press the label button, and enter a name. The next time you type the name into the search box in Google Maps, your label will be a suggested result.

Your bookings and reservations from Gmail

When you receive confirmation emails for hotel, flight or restaurant reservations in Gmail, we show that information in Google Maps for easy access when on the go. These events also appear in the new “Upcoming” tab in “Your Places.”

See your Google contacts on the map

Your Google contacts will appear on Google Maps as well. Rather than memorizing your coworker or cousin’s address, you can get directions by typing their name in the search box (as long as you have an address attached to their contact info).

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