Submitting and Promoting your Website to Social Networking Sites

October 15, 2015

The sector of promotion and branding has found a new platform to enhance their potential and that is through the social networking sites. There is hardly anyone without a digital social network access. It is wide reached, available to the majority of the population and definitely a demanding platform from where most business is able to sell their products and make a market of its own. There are many social networking sites available now and everyday new ones are beginning to come up to cater to the thousand of promoting businesses and their special needs. However there are five such sites that are not only well known but extremely popular in what they do and what they have to offer in terms of a lucrative business market.

The Facebook Fascination


This site is known to all and offers a large platform to all with promoting ideas and products. Submitting your website to Facebook is an easy process. In order to do so, make sure you already have a facebook account to begin with and if not then you can always sign up and start of. Next move on to create a new facebook page application and start filling out all the details that requires the type of product or website you are promoting, what are the products you are selling, their details and so and so forth. Make sure that the website pages you have created have the correct and sufficient details about the products that are on display. Once you are done with this move on to the next steps that facebook will guide you through with. The name of the website along with tour contact information and mailing address should be authentic.

Tweet with Twitter


A highly popular information sharing network, Twitter is used every day by millions of people, organizations and business to collect information. Connecting and getting updated about regular news is what draws people to this website. Sign in to twitter and if a new user then register with your mailing address, password and the other necessary details. Once done with this then move to submitting your website page to the option that provides this information. Provide in the correct details of your website page and link and move to save all the information you have entered.

Link up with LinkedIn


The most used and popular network for professionals to connect and share their business interests and associates in LinkedIn. This broad network is useful for branding your business products. It is important that you are registered on the website so that you can move on to the promoting your website. In your personal profile page you can edit the information that has been already provided and then click on to edit icon next to websites and then can add the URL of your website to the option provided. Once this is done, the website page will be listed long with your profile. In case you want to add accompany page then click on the option of companies and follow down the instructions as provided.

The Pinterest Performance

This is another fascinating website that has a lot to offer and create. With the help of Pinterest you can view all the different products that various businesses have to offer and even create your own website link to display your business for promotion. Submitting your website is as easy as pinning up the URL to the Pinterest pin up option and start filling out all the necessary details for your website, such as the URL and genuine contact details. This will drive more viewers to you website.

Gear up with Google plus

One of the fastest developing social networking sites Google plus , is an easy way to share and connect with people all over. You just need to sign with your email account and start exploring the world of Google plus. As a platform for promoting business services it provides you with the benefit of promoting your website page on its site. A process of verification is required for this promotion and once it is done, the process of submission becomes relatively easy with Google guiding you through the entire process.